With Palms Open Wide

As some of you know, I have started an internship with A21 recently, and man what a wild ride these last few weeks have been.

During orientation, we gathered around and shared our journey to this point in our life; how Christ brought us strategically to A21.

I sat in a circle of seventeen women, from the ages of 18 to 62, listening to how the Lord guided these women to this place of service in their life.

The common thread: wounds.

I was the last one to speak, so I got sixteen chances to listen how the Lord worked through the situations in the lives of these women to bring them to a place of restoration.

Stories of physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, mental abuse, abandonment, regret, and pain. Stories that brought these women to the feet of Jesus, and eventually to A21.

These women were once broken and are now courageous, strong, and faithful. These women have persevered. These women have endured.

My heart, and my eyes, swelled.

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Bekah Wriedt Photography

I realize that there is so many commonalities among us all, we are just too afraid to open up, or too busy trying to build a persona that isn’t reality.

There is healing, growth, and strength in sharing our broken pieces with one other. This is when we see Jesus the most, when we can talk about the dark and broken places of our lives and in the same breath proclaim restoration on our soul.

I am not saying that we need to broadcast our “shame” and insecurities with everyone, but this is a very intimate experience, and an experience that brings great healing when explored.

I was so encouraged.

I saw, sitting right in front of me, the physical, emotional, and mental work of Jesus. Sixteen amazing examples of why I moved to Southern California to fight for girls who no longer have a voice due to human trafficking.

I sit humbly in front of the cross, palms open wide, ready and willing to give everything that I have. There are girls, women, boys, men, and children all around the world who do not have a voice or a choice. Jesus gave us a choice, He gave us freedom, He gave us our trials so that we may see Him through the storms.

Watching this global nonprofit organization work together to end injustice has been moving, yes. Although, this isn’t one of those “camp high” experiences, where I am hyped up because of over exposure. I am speaking in light of the women who are sitting next to me everyday, I am speaking of the brokenness and injustice that happens in our everyday lives.

We cannot sit still. We cannot sit quietly in the midst of brokenness. We must do something.

I pray that we seek Him. I pray that we continually strive to step out of our comfort zone so that we may impact the lives of those around us. I pray that we choose Him daily, and not our own desires.

The Lord is ready and willing to use you, to use your beautiful gifts for this broken world. He is ready and willing to use you as a light in this dark, dark place.



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