In The Midst

Watching those we love struggle with life is never easy. Whether it be our sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, friends, or perhaps even our self. Hardships get their name for a reason; they surely are not easy.

One thing that I have learned (through many unfortunate events) is the thing that people struggle with the most, choosing Jesus in the midst of pain.

Through abandonment, I choose Christ.

Through anxiety, I choose Christ.

Through unexplained health issues, I choose Christ.

Through rejection, I choose Christ.

Through broken hearts, I choose Christ.

Through let downs, I choose Christ.

Through betrayal, I choose Christ.

Allow me to clarify, I am not perfect. I will be the first to admit that I am quick to get frustrated when I don’t understand.

A friend once said to me, it’s not about what we understand, it’s about what’s in the unseen. 

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This can be difficult for many to grasp or accept, death and loss are real, we can see and feel the physical pain. What we can’t see is what the Lord is doing when we are in the midst of unknown health issues, and we can’t see what the Lord is doing when a family member gets diagnosed with stage four cancer, or when our best friend dies in a car accident.

Our pain is real, but so is the work that Christ is doing through in and through it.

It is okay for us to get mad, to get frustrated, and to ask why, but it is not okay to turn our backs on the Lord just because we don’t understand what He is doing.

I have seen with my two eyes the body of Christ come together when tragedy strikes, I have witnessed unity in the presence of brokenness.

Christ desires for His people to love one another like this even when there is no tragedy, and even when there is no brokenness, but we often times get caught up in our own lives that we don’t even pay attention until tragedy does hit.

We don’t move unless something shakes us.

Friends, this ought not to be so.

When it feels that we can no longer lift up our face, or admire our Lord, remember that this is the enemy’s goal. He wants to keep us from running to the arms of Jesus. He wants us to blame it all on Christ.

Let’s remember that we live in a fallen world and that humanity has been struck by a sinful nature. Christ died so that we can always have a close relationship with Him, no matter the circumstances.

Let’s not take that and throw it out the door once hardship strikes, lets take advantage of the fact that Christ is our ultimate refuge



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