Seems Simple Enough

Since I was fifteen I have had this far off dream that I wanted to help others. Not in a simple way, but in a life altering sense. It has always been one of those dreams where you think it just simply isn’t possible because it is too hard. I asked myself, “how can one girl change someone’s world?”. Well, I have learned that it certainly isn’t impossible.

I recently volunteered at a conference that was held at my church, it was called Redefined. A dear friend of mine saw a change that needed to happen, she had the passion to do it, so she started small and went with it.

The goal in naming the event as “Redefined” was in hopes to redefine the way middle school and high school aged girls thought about relationships with friends, boys, and family. As well as discuss topics that girls are too afraid to talk about with their parents – like sex.

Seems simple enough.

She had a dream, and she went for it.

The reward was far greater than I could have ever imagined. As I walked around the room, listening to these girls discuss how the topic of God’s Grace changed their way of thinking in relation to their friendships, and how the topic of modesty really struck a chord in their hearts, reassured me that these girls are hungry for hope in this fallen world.

These things, and more, are attainable. Whether that be at big conferences, or conversations had at small frozen yogurt shops, if we are living with an intentional heart, and a courageous mind, then we can move mountains – big and small.


Christianity is not easy. Following after Christ’s call on your life is scary. Being bold and courageous instead of allowing others to do the work of God, is intimidating.

But I was one of those girls. I was at those conferences. I was at those frozen yogurt shops. I was insecure. I was broken and damaged.

If it were not for the women who said no to fear, if it were not for the women who said no to their insecurities, I would not be pursuing the passions that God has laid on my heart. Because someone pushed away their fear of rejection and what others might think, my life is changed, my world is changed.

They started small. They texted me at least once a week to check in with my heart, because they knew that I was fourteen and I would go and forget everything that I just took away from that conversation and/or conference.

Small things as these, lead to a trajectory that can be life altering.

So now I am choosing to lay down my life, my desires, and my wants for His passions. I am passionate about the wellbeing of others. I am passionate about the heart and soul of those afflicted from this world. I am passionate about the broken. I am passionate about redefining their way of thinking after this world got ahold of their hearts and minds.

I am passionate about being active in my faith.

It is a scary thing to be vulnerable and transparent about something so close to your heart, but I refuse to do nothing about such a tremendous issue in today’s broken world.

One day at a time.

One prayer at a time.

One conversation at a time.

Seems simple enough…



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