From Surviving To Thriving

It’s a history of survival. A long standing one at that.

The definition of surviving is to continue to live or exist, especially in spite of danger or hardship.

Through instability, I survived.

Through Chaos, I survived.

Through mental, emotional, and physical abuse, I survived.

Through poverty, I survived.

Through neglect, I survived.

Through abandonment, I survived.


For so long, I was in survival mode, not because I wanted to, clearly, but because I had to. I had to survive so that I wouldn’t run away and be homeless as a twelve year old. I had to survive because someone had to believe in me, someone had to give me hope for a better day to come.

My dilemma is this: how does someone go from surviving to thriving? Better yet, how does someone go from surviving to just living. I feel as if I am a recovering alcoholic. I get urges to put walls up faster then you could ever imagine. I ache for closeness but push people away when they don’t meet my unspoken expectations.

I am now living a life that is worth living. I am stable. I am loved. I am whole. I am trying to invest in my future financially and physically by pursuing my career. Although, I don’t know how to balance the anxiety with the “healthy worried thought”. I am told to be in the moment, I am told that I simply over think everything.

I am trying. I am trying to figure out how to do this whole healthy-functioning lifestyle after years of trials and downfalls. I am built to survive. Now I need to figure out how to let go of my survival traits so that I can thrive. The thought alone gives me anxiety, but I know that I have a God who loves me and who goes before me. I just need to practice applying that to my life.

I hope that this finds you in good season. That you are choosing joy and laughter instead of worry and stress. Life is a journey, let us all take it one day at a time.



One thought on “From Surviving To Thriving

  1. Yes…. we know what we should do… it’s the practical application that’s always a challenge. What a beautiful choice you’ve made to thrive! His grace is sufficient… one day at a time;)

    So proud of you.


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