Young And In Love

Their faces change, along with their tone of voice, “Wait, you are how old? And you are getting married?”.

I am 22, going on 23, not that it matters.

I am getting married in sixteen days.

I am currently a college student one year away from completing my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. I will be continuing on to get my Master’s Degree in Social Work immediately after graduation.

I share these thing’s because there is a faint feeling in me that I need to prove something to those around me. It’s like I need to prove to other’s that I am “qualified” enough for taking this “adult” step in life so young.

Little do they know, I’ve trudged through mud thicker then they think at a much younger age.

I think this feeling of having to prove myself to others stems from a past that lacked support and love, but it is time that those chains be broken.

In today’s society there is a trend of on going “hook-ups” and one night stands. There is this unspoken heart ache in the current generation, thought’s of whether or not she/he really is interested in you, or whether or not she/he really wants to get to know you, and a fear of asking if they want to take that step forward and be rejected.

Relationships are one of the many thing’s that shape our soul. What we let in, we then let out. If we allow ourselves to become just another facet of that trend, the continuous cycle of aches, insecurities, and brokenness will continue.

When you find one who view’s your brokenness as opportunity to grow, not as a label, that is one that you should surely keep around. When you find one who is continuously patient with the effects that the past has left on your soul, that is surely one that you should keep around. When you find one who see’s the part of you that you know is inside of you, and that you one day hope to amount to, that is surely one to keep around.


[Photo’s taken by: imlauralphotography]

I found this at a young age, yes, but I’ve already gone through today’s trend’s of fake relationship’s more often then I would’ve liked to.

My heart and soul feel 40.

The thing’s I’ve witnessed with my ears and eyes have aged me more then I would like to admit.

So, I found him. I found the one that my grandmother use to read to me about in Disney Princess stories. I found the one that makes me pinch myself multiple times a day to make sure I am not dreaming.


I understand that he is not really a Prince Charming, but he sure has many characteristic’s of one. I look forward to our hardship’s, because we are both equipped with what the other lack’s. He is patient, kind, unconditional, and eager to understand.

To me, he is proof that God hears my prayers.

Yes, we are young. Yes, from the outside it looks like we are going down a road that we have no idea about. Yes, we are scared, but we are more confident in our journey then ever before.




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