Fix Our Eyes

Life does this thing where it sends you in loops and circles and leaves you standing with no sense of an idea of which way is straight. It can be ruthless at times, but you know what, that is alright.

All of it has a purpose.

I remember a time when I got so frustrated with people who said, “You’ll be alright, you’ll get through this and see why it’s important to struggle through things!”, with a pat on the back.

In fact, that frustration still happens at times. I thought to myself, “You have no idea what this pain feels like right now, I should punch you for saying that to me!”. But that’s just pride talking.

But one day, I decided to listen and see what they were referring to.

I firmly believe that God placed us here on this earth to grow more like Him every day. God is patient. He is full of forgiveness and unconditional love. How do you think we are suppose to gain those characteristics? Through a vending machine? My guess would be on experiencing them first hand, and we can’t do that unless we are in the face with someone or something that is in need of patience to be given to them.

We all know how fun that is.

It has been a person struggle of mine to understand this concept. Patience given is not given without patience needed. Christ ask’s us to take up our cross and follow after Him, to live a life that is worth living. But I don’t think we know what that means.

Look at Paul’s life. He hated Christians. He killed them. His skin crawled at the thought of a Christian. Look at how God used him. Paul gave us many great thing’s through His writings, but that doesn’t mean that He didn’t suffer. He was whipped 39 times (more then twice), he was thrown in jail numerous times (for more then just a year or so), and he had to watch his back where ever he went (the law was the farthest thing from his friend).

Taking up your cross and following after Christ mean’s trying to live your life like He did. Unconditionally. Fervently. Intentionally. Passionately. Empathetically. Wisely. With perseverance. In the book of James it states not if the hard time’s come, it’s when they come.

As we go through trials and hardships, we can turn around and be flat out frustrated with the situation, or sometimes that season, or we can turn around and look at that moment with a quiet heart and ask God to give us the ability to see it as He does.

The hardest prayer I ever prayed was when I was 15 year’s old.

“Lord, give me eye’s to see what you see. Give me eye’s to see the world as you do. Give me ear’s that hear you speak. Give me a heart like your’s for this world, allow me to feel what you feel for your people.”

This prayer was answered, but not in the easiest way. It was through trial’s that I heard His voice comfort me as I wept. He gave me eye’s to see the broken hearted and afflicted, so I wept. He gave me a heart of His heart, and I wept.

I never felt so close to God and so mad at Him at the same time. I prayed and prayed that He would take this away from me, the response that I got convicted me for a life time.

“You can pray bold prayers and allow me to be God by showing you what you ask of Me, or you can stay in your comfort zone and live in fear of the unknown and the uncomfortable. It is your choice, but I have called you to do great thing’s.”

And I wept.

I encourage you to take your hardships as moments in time where God is growing you for something that is around the corner. If our eyes are fixed on Christ during storms, the end result comes out a lot smoother than it would if we were focused just on the problem.


One thought on “Fix Our Eyes

  1. How do you think we are suppose to gain those characteristics? Through a vending machine? —- Where do they sell these vending machines? I need one!!!! Hahhahaa… Great! Great! Great piece! My minister once said, ‘he never prays for patience anymore because God doesn’t just hand it out… he hands out the opportunities to develop our patience.’ Yikes!!!! I wonder what ‘fervent zealous’ prayers I must have prayed to have brought me the plethora of opportunities to simmer outside of my comfort zone. Great Read! Keep ’em coming!

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