A Soft Hearted Soul


There is a saying that has stuck with me for many years..

“Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness.”

Kurt Vonnegut

I am a people watcher. Not in a creepy way, in a way that observes the lives of other’s through their actions. I like to silently watch how people interact with each other, and then wonder why they are interacting in the way that they do.

It amazes me how much people look down upon those who are soft hearted. It is like we are a foreign race of some kind.

In today’s world you are expected to go with the flow of things, even if that means disrespecting women verbally, judging other’s in front of their face and behind their back’s.

What happened to the time when women were respected and honorable? What happened to the time when men were gentlemen instead of disrespectful boys? What happened to the time when mother’s and father’s came together instead of against each other when raising their children?

I can tell you what happened, father’s quit being a dad that showed their son’s how to treat a woman, girl’s lost respect for themselves and gave up on confidence in a bright future.

These thing’s set a domino effect in motion. It begin’s in past generation’s and continue’s on in future generation’s – unless we make a change in our own heart.

It is difficult to live in a world where heart’s have been conditioned to live in survival mode. We have developed this tendency to not have emotion’s, to not be vulnerable, to not be truthful with ourselves and with those around us. We have developed a tendency to not care about the heart’s of other people.

This is so damaging to relationship’s that we hold, and relationship’s that we need to build for a healthy lifestyle and a healthy future. We need to be okay with being transparent, how else are we to grow? How else are we to have a better and brighter future?

I am not one to preach something that I haven’t walked myself. I grew up in a hard environment.

I grew up spending time on “the streets”. I grew up with five older brother’s that taught me everything but being soft – they taught me to be hard. I learned that it is the only way to survive. I learned everything the hard way. Through abandonment. Through fighting. Through drinking. Through partying. Through heart breaks. I was conditioned and set up to be “hard” for the rest of my life.

It is a choice that you make. I am not saying that choice is easy or a choice that is made over night. I am saying that it is a choice that you make at least 100 times a day. You are presented with moment’s every day to make connection’s with those around you. You are presented with moment’s every day to be intentional about your conversations and relationships/interactions with people.

If we as a human race care more about how much money we are making a year, then how many lives we have impacted, we have it all wrong.

You need to be the light to others in suffering. You need to lay down your shame, lay down your pride, and lay down your brokenness. Tell yourself that you’re stronger then anything that has broken you. Allow your scars to become a motivation, not a set back.

Be okay with not being okay, don’t shove it under a rug and “deal with it later”. Be transparent. A scar that you have could inspire another being to push through there sufferings.


God is a good God. He heals broken hearts, if you allow Him to. He comes beside the lost and sit’s with them until they are ready to have eyes to see and ears to hear what He has to say. He makes beautiful thing’s out of chaotic situation’s and circumstances.

Be soft. Don’t let this world make you hard.



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