I’m getting married.

I grew up with five older brothers. Skater’s, hard worker’s, over protective, and all of them possessed that mean older brother trait, the one that they must have simply because they were the “older brother“.


My childhood was either spent sitting at the skatepark watching my brother’s skateboard until sundown, or at my grandmother’s house watching Disney movies and baking.

As I grew into a pre-teen, and then a teenager, I had this hardness about me. I was raised by men, so granted, I was the farthest thing from a girly girl. As I continued to grow into my early young adult life, I had this sense of “independence” about me. Just like my brother’s, I didn’t feel as if I needed any other person to help me do anything in life. My motto was to work hard for everything you have and don’t accept help from anyone – help was a sign of being “weak”.

Well, that was going to change whether I liked it or not.

Fast forward a few years, falling in and out of love once or twice, into my college years, nearly finished with school, my idea of how life is supposed to be has drastically changed.

I once was a girl who didn’t believe that two were better than one, that being with a significant other was a weakness and stopped you from enjoying your dreams in life, and it made you focus on theirs. I once was a girl who had her heart broken into tiny little pieces by not only men in her family, but men in dating relationships. I once was a girl who never thought about joining my dreams and aspirations in this life with another man’s dreams and aspirations. I once was a girl who thought being a wife only meant cooking and cleaning – simply because that is what I was exposed to.

I now stand in a new season of my life.

I am now a woman who is getting married in 102 days (but who is counting), to a man I never knew existed, to a man who has shown me that joining my life with another can be exciting and non-stereotypical, that we can make life what ever we want it to be.


I am now a woman who is excited about cooking for my (future) husband, simply because I know all of his favorite foods and that it brings him joy.

I am now a woman who is looking forward to breaking all of those stereo types of becoming a wife that were placed in my head as a child.


I am now a woman who is excited to bake for her (future) husband, and clean the kitchen while the cookies are in the oven!


I am now a woman who is excited to mess with recipes and make them more health friendly (my body doesn’t allow me to put much of anything in it anymore).

I am now a woman who is excited to do all of these thing’s and more because I have a man who will eat my bland and burnt cookies (and say he loves them), simply because he know’s I’m exploring new things.

Being a woman is not what the media makes it out to be. You can be what ever woman you decide to be, if being single and working hard your whole life is where God has placed you, then all the more power to you.

My hope is that you are not discouraged by the statement’s of today’s culture. If you look back 50 years, the culture was completely different, and I am positive the culture 50 years from now will also be completely different.

Choose to try new things.

Choose to believe in new seasons.

Choose joy.




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