Intentional Relationships.

I’ve watched struggle more often then I would like to. Whether that said struggle be in my own life, in a stranger’s life, or in a close friend’s life. I’ve watched the struggle of the ups and the downs. I have watched the exciting moments of breaking through some of the hardest seasons and rejoicing in strength, and I have watched the heart wrenching moments of knees hitting the floor, tears streaming down their face, because they said they just couldn’t do it anymore.

Relationships should be intentional. Whether that be with your brother, sister, best friend, coworker, or even your acquaintances. This might seem quite left field, but only because in today’s world relationships are only surface level. People are afraid to be genuine, but crave it. People are afraid to be empathetic, but think that is a weakness. What happened if we were bold for one day? What do you think that would do?

This world is filled with insecurities, doubt, hurt, brokenness, and need. It is filled with a need of genuine relationships that are intentional. Intentional in a sense that you are sparking conversation to see how someone’s heart is doing, not just their surface “I’m good, thank you for asking” response.

When we cultivate healthy and intentional relationships, broken hearts are mended by genuine conversations that don’t judge – only listen. When we cultivate healthy and intentional relationships, insecure minds are reminded of all the strength that they possess. When we cultivate healthy and intentional relationships, a change starts to happen.

I am wearing my heart on my sleeve as I write these words, because I am one of those “empathetic ones”. I feel all too much of this world’s pain in other’s hearts. I look at those who are striving to be heard in their silence, and I try with every part of me to reach them. Even when it hurts.

If anything, I hope you share this with your friends and family. You never know who could read this and start the change that someone needs.




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